Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memories - One shot

‘Let’s go to Lucknow!’ said Aarav at the dining table. Everybody looked up startled. ‘What, exclaimed Arnav. ‘Yes Dad. I’ve just 15 days holidays left before my school reopens. Nani keeps talking about Lucknow, why don’t we make a visit?’ Khushi and Arnav looked at each other. Khushi noticed some uneasiness in Arnav’s eyes.
Things had settled down for a while. Babuji had recovered, he was now able to speak and walk for short distances with the help of a stick. He was able to expose all of Shyam’s untold evils which resulted in Shyam getting life imprisonment. Amma, Babuji and Buaji returned back to their home in Lucknow. Anjali Di was happily married to her second husband who was a reputed businessman in London. Arnav had made sure to carry out all inquiries about him before the marriage. Though he missed his Di very much, Arnav was satisfied that his Di was finally with a good man. Akash’s project in the US was a success and Akash and Payal were returning back next month. NK had gone back to Sydney to assist his father in business.
All of Arnav’s problems seemed to have been sorted out. But, when Aarav suggested Lucknow, he had an unsettling feeling. With Aarav insisting on making the visit, and Nani too supporting him, Arnav had to give in. Aarav became excited and hugged his Dad, but Arnav felt a certain fear lingering in his heart.
After arriving in Lucknow, the Raizada family made its way into Gomti Sadan, the Gupta home in Lucknow. Arnav and Khushi had not been to the town since the release of the video tapes to the media. So, it was a weird feeling for both of them. After the initial hospitalities by the Gupta family, the Raizadas proceeded towards Sheesh Mahal. Sheesh Mahal was under the care of a trustee for its maintenance. As soon as they neared it, Aarav couldn’t believe his eyes at the sight of the huge palatial house. He along with Nani and Khushi made a tour of the bungalow with the help of a guide. Arnav wandered about stealthily until they came back. He was lost in his memories when he heard the happy voices of his family. ‘Dad, this is so big. Is this really ours?’ exclaimed Aarav. Arnav nodded amused at the little boy’s wonder. In the evening, as they made their way back to Gomti Sadan, Arnav had a slight smile on his face and the fear in his eyes was nowhere to be seen.
After dinner, when Aarav was put to sleep, Arnav asked Khushi to come outside. When she came out, she saw Arnav sitting on her old scooter with her helmet on. The sight made her laugh out so loudly, annoying Mr. ASR a bit. ‘What’s so funny? I want to show you something. So, just come and sit.’ Khushi, knowing her husband quite well by now, decided to not say anything and sat down on the pillion behind Arnav. As they neared their destination, Khushi realised that they were going to Sheesh Mahal. It was decorated with colourful lights, just as it was on the day of their first meeting. Arnav got down from the scooter, lifted his wife in his arms and carried her inside. ‘Arnavji, what are you doing? Put me down.’ said a flustered Khushi. ‘Sshhh” was the reply. He took her to the area where Khushi had fallen into his arms the first time they met. Arnav gently put Khushi down and asked her if she remembered the place. She looked around and nodded with a shy smile.
‘Khushi, when we were coming here early today, I was afraid that all those memories which used to haunt me night and day for so many years, would return if I visited this place. I was not ready to come here. But, Aarav was so eager, that I couldn’t refuse. Khushi, as I was walking around the house, I remembered all the happy memories that I had spent here. So many memories which were dear to me came back to me. Memories of that fateful day also were there, but it didn’t hurt as much as it used to. And then, when I came here, I remembered our first meeting. That was the day you had entered my life and my thoughts. That moment became the biggest memory of my life. And I will never ever forget that. Happy Anniversary Khushi, exactly two years back on this day I found my life, you.’
He handed over a gift box to her. As soon as she opened it, she found a beautiful pearl set ‘ a necklace and a set of danglers. Those pearls brought back memories of that day and she smiled. She hugged her Arnavji affectionately. Arnav continued, ‘Thank you for coming into my life, Khushi’. ‘You mean falling?’ giggled Khushi. Arnav smirked, ‘Of course, and you are an expert in falling’. ‘And you in holding me, like always’, smiled Khushi. ‘Yes hamesha’ agreed Arnav.
Still hugging, Arnav gestured her to look up at the sky. As Khushi looked up, she saw fireworks adorn the beautiful night sky. ‘Oh, Arnavji, this is so beautiful, thank you’, that was the reaction of an exhilarated Khushi. Arnav was entranced as he kept looking at Khushi who was smiling and giggling away. He was finally at peace.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sameera banke ... Sanaya Irani Birthday poem

 समीरा बनके सनाया हमको मिली 
छनछन की गुंजन से ख़ुशी मिली 
पारो को प्यार से दुनिया ने अपनाया 
खिलखिलाती फिर बनकर आई मायरा 
जैसे भी हो लिबास उसे अपना बनाया 
अपने मुस्कान से हमको लुभाया 
यूं ही खिलता रहे आपका चेहरा 
सफलता का रंग भी गहरा 
जन्मदिन हो आपका सबसे निराला 
   दुआ ये निकलती है दिल से हमारे 

Sameera banke Sanaya humko mili
Chhanchhan ki Gunjan se Khushi mili
Paro ko pyaar se duniya ne apnaya
Khilkhilati phir bankar aayi Myrah 
Jaise bhi ho libaas, usey apna banaya
Apne muskaan se humko lubhaya
Yun hi khilta rahe aapka chehra
Safalta ka rang ho, aur bhi gehra
Janamdin ho aapka sabse nirala 
Dua ye nikalti hai dil se hamare


We got Sanaya when she became Sameera
From the humming(Gunjan) of the anklet's sound(Chhanchhan) we got happiness(Khushi) 
The world accepted Paro with love 
Then she came as the bubbly Myrah 
Whatever was the costume, you made it yours 
You awed us with your smile
May your face always glow
May the colour of your success, become more deep 
May your birthday be unique 
A wish that comes from the heart 

Monday, August 25, 2014

ASR and Barun - Barun Sobti poem - 2014

This was posted on the Baruns Bday Poetry Slam, an event by Team Sobtians on facebook, for celebrating Barun Sobti's birthday in 2014

 Full of anger was ASR, Barun is not
ASR wore suits, Barun does not
Full of smiles is Barun, ASR is not
Barun loves to eat, ASR does not

ASR has fans worldwide over
Barun has fans worldwide over
How did this happen, when they are poles apart?
What makes them both so dear to the heart?

ASR loves his family, so does Barun
ASR is humble, so is Barun
Mad about his lady love is ASR
Barun is as crazy for his better half 

ASR in a Diwali cut or Barun in curly locks
It's the same steely gaze where fans get blocked
ASR getting worried, or Barun getting anxious
It's the same tender heart that melts on the spot  

Hats off to ASR and hats off to Barun
Both are same whose birthday song we croon
Celebrating the rise of a wonder man
Wishing happy 30's to bitwa Barun 

Half of your three decades - Barun Sobti poem - 2014

This was posted on the Baruns Bday Poetry Slam, an event by Team Sobtians on facebook, for celebrating Barun Sobti's birthday in 2014

Half of your three decades
You strived and worked hard
Now outpouring are accolades
You deserve every part 

As you enter a new decade
The magical thirties
We wait for your movie parade
Where you prosper and succeed 

Too long you have struggled
Now it's time for the results to bear
The fact about your talent is still muffled
Now it's time to explode and tear 

May this new year bring in a sea change
May this new decade show you in every range
Angry, romantic, serious and naughty
May the world realize the talent of Barun Sobti 

Wishing you a birthday with dear ones
Who stick with you forever
May you reach great heights
Without losing your humble side ever 

From all fans and well wishers
Wishing you a Happy Birthday
May you have a joyous time
While entering the new decade 

Baba ke darshan - Barun Sobti poem - 2014

This was posted on the Baruns Bday Poetry Slam, an event by Team Sobtians on facebook, for celebrating Barun Sobti's birthday in 2014

Another hatke one. Dedicated to the immense love of all Barun's fangirls.

एक मुद्दत के बाद मिली बाबा बरुनदास के दर्शन 
पुलकित हो उठी हर एक सोबतियन 
गाने लगी बाबा के बर्थडे भजन 
जगत भर में झूम उठे होटवा के जोगन  

Ek muddat ke baad mili Baba Barundas ke darshan
Pulkit ho uthi har ek Sobtian
Gaane lagi Baba ke birthday bhajan
Jagat bhar mein jhoom uthe Hotwa ke jogan

अर्थार्त, meaning ...

After a while got the sighting of Baba Barundas
Overjoyed is every Sobtian
Started singing Baba's birthday chants
All over the world are swaying Hotwa's followers

Hichki - Barun Sobti poem - 2014

This was posted on the Baruns Bday Poetry Slam, an event by Team Sobtians on facebook, for celebrating Barun Sobti's birthday in 2014

A phadoo one 

सुबह शाम आये सलमान को हिचकी 
समझ न सका, किसको याद आये उसकी 
सलमान की लगी वाट, जाना न किसने किया सितम 
बरुन के दीवाने लेने लगे सलमान  भाई की कसम 

Subah sham aaye Salman ko hichki
Samajh na saka, kisko yaad aaye uski
Salman ki lagi vaat, jaana na kisne kiya sitam
Barun ke deewane lene lage, Salman bhai ki qasam

बोले तो, translation izz

Morning evening Salman gets hiccups
He did not understand, who was thinking of him
Salman's got trouble, doesn't know who's torturing
Barun's fans are swearing on Salman bhai's name

Barun Sobti birthday poem for Team Sobtians page - 2013

This poem was written in 2013 for the Team Sobtians page on fb

About a billion stars in the galaxy
You outshine them all with your humility
For someone with great talent and extreme modesty
Wish you a very very happy birthday, Barun Sobti